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Patriotic Slogan Writing (Classes V to VIII)

In the honour of 75th Independence Day, “Patriotic Slogan” writing competition was conducted on 14th August 2021 for Classes V to VIII to unveil a noble sentiment of love, pride, and sacrifice for the sake of our Country.

Drawing Competition (LKG & HKG)

Drawing & Colouring are usual arts and these competitions allow students to showcase their imagination & creativity.  To enhance their drawing skills, a “Drawing Competition” was organised for the students of LKG & HKG on 25th September, 2021, where students participated enthusiastically.

English Handwriting Competition (Classes I to IV)

In an attempt to focus and encourage their fine motor and presentation skills, “English Handwriting Competition” was held on 22nd August 2021 for Classes I to IV.

Installation Ceremony

Students’ act are an integral part of school program which help in all round development of students.  They are given a platform to enhance, polish, and showcase their talent and creativity in various fields.

To instate the leadership qualities in students, “Installation Ceremony” was conducted on 12th July 2021, in which selected Students Council pledged to uphold the rules & values of school & to be a worthy leader.

Poster Making Competition – Save Mother Earth (Classes III & IV)

For the young creative minds to spread the message of “Save Mother Earth,” a Poster Making Competition was organised on 18th September, 2021, in which students of Class III & IV participated enthusiastically.

Rakhi Making & Rakhi Card Making Competition (Classes V to VIII)

An opportunity to exhibit their artistry expressiveness was provided in the form of Rakhi Making & Rakhi Card Making Competition for Classes V to VIII, which was conducted on 22nd August 2021.  The students made beautiful rakhis and cards as insignia to the bond of love & affection.

Salad Making Competition (Classes V to VIII)

Students of Class V to VIII showed their culinary skills in the “Salad Making Competition” organised on 18th September 2021.  Students prepared nutritious, green & colourful salads keeping in mind the need to boost immunity in this Covid time.

Story Telling Competition (Classes I & II)

Young tiny sparkles of Classes I & II showcased their oration skills in the “Story Telling Competition” organised for them on 18th September 2021.  They narrated stories, which will instill moral values in the young minds.

Fancy Dress Competition (Classes I & II)

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